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Children and Liturgy

One of the initial complaints about Common Worship was that it was not easy to use inclusively with children. Since then, a wealth of experience and good practice has built up, and resources have been adapted and created for one-off services, regular all age worship and children-centred services. But many of these resources have not been available more widely than individual parishes.

Sharing Ideas and Good Practice
Praxis and the Liturgical Commission are concerned that good practice, ideas and resources are shared widely, and help children and adults to worship. By starting a e-mail list which will run for the next 18 months, we hope to encourage communication and sharing about how our liturgical resources might be used to inspire worship. At the beginning of 2004, it would be helpful for those most interested and concerned with this subject to get together and form some resources, thoughts and ideas for publication.

Joining or leaving the list
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Resources It will be possible to use this site to upload and disseminate examples of interesting and / or good practice. This is a feature which will be added after Christmas 2002.

Dana Delap, September 2002
Member of Liturgical Commission and Praxis Council


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