What I’m seeing is tracks in the sand

When I unlocked the church last month, I found interesting tracks in the sand tray where we usually light candles. Lighting candles as a symbol of prayer is an ancient tradition, and the space we offer for lighting candles is special to lots of people. I wondered who or what had used the space over lockdown.

It turns out that it was woodlice. I have no idea why there are quite so many woodlice in Blockley, literally millions, in houses, on walls, up trees – they get everywhere. Clearly a few had discovered the sand tray. They are following an ancient tradition. The People of God have travel in their blood – Abram and Sari travelled around the fertile crescent of the middle east encountering God in every place they arrived; the escaping Israelites jouneyed for forty years through the wilderness to the promised land in a circuitous route; and Jesus too spent time in the desert places, praying and drawing close to God.

We may not be on a physical journey, but the pandemic has moved us to a new and unknown territory in lots of ways, and to new emotional and spiritual places. The door is open – we have been let out of the boxes which confined us. Do you want to go back inside, or explore new paths and landscapes with fresh and creative eyes?.

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