Healing, Chickens and New Wine

My youngest son offered to pray for my oldest son in the swimming pool today – he prayed that he would no longer be a chicken but would become a boy!  Yup.  Very, very surreal.  However, he has grasped the nature of healing as something that God has fun with, that it can be blessed and therefore encouraged by us, and that it effects change.

There were some fantastic healings at New Wine this year (ask my daughter about it!).  I have no idea why some people are healed and and others are not, even after specific words of knowledge.  But I do know that God is active and works miracles in people’s lives.  Healing doesn’t seem to be related to faith, prayer of determination – God’s Spirit blows where it will…  We are called to bless what we see.

When I asked a woman detoxing at work if she would like me to pray she got down on her knees before her mouth even began to say yes.  I would love to say that she was healed, but she got up again still desperate for sugar and shaking with withdrawl.  It doesn’t stop either her or me praying though.

Getting out of bed

Just back from a wonderful week at New Wine in muddy Somerset!  It rained every day, but at least our tent didn’t flood.  We went as Grange Park church – the irony being that there were no members of Grange Park church in attendance this year…

One of the questions I was asked in a seminar was what gets me out of bed in the morning.  I struggled to answer that for a while, torn between the alarm clock and breakfast!  But actually the answer is from John 5.  Jesus said he did what he saw the Father doing – I get out of bed to watch what God is doing.  I hate missing out on a party or an adventure, so I get out of bed to watch and see what God is doing in/to/around the people I will meet today!

In the prison, watching what God is doing is the best bit of the day.  On Monday I knew I needed to talk to a member of staff – she looked most emused when I told her I had been praying for her, and was anything wrong.  But it turned out that her husband was about to have an operation and she was concerned that they would find he had cancer. 

I don’t know why Jesus tells us to talk to some people and not others, but I know that if I don’t follow His lead, and bless what he is doing, I miss out on the heavenly party somewhere in heaven.  That’s probably worth getting out of bed for.