Dry Stone Wall

White van man has knocked down the wall into our field again.  And he wasn’t even driving his own white van. This is a pain because we have to find a dry stone wall-er to put it up again.

The wall will be rebuilt in due course, and will look the same as before, only subtlely different. The stones will be the same, but in a different order, so the lichen has the chance of new rock faces to grow on.

The church does the same. Every time someone suggests that a church without walls is a Christian fundamental, and others drive a white van into the church walls, a wall-er is hired to build the walls back up anew, subtlely different, but just as difficult to get into, out of, and around.

I wish the walls would come down – they have to really, if the church is going to survive the next decade or two.  But if we keep on rebuilding at significant cost, how can that ever happen?  Good for lichen and horses, less good for explorers.