What I’m seeing today is chickens

I really like chickens. I like the way they chatter to each other, the way they socialise, the way they enjoy their surroundings and when they aren’t happy, I like the way they let you know. I’m lucky enough to have friends who keep hens and one recorded her chickens making gentle ‘bok bok’s to soothe me when I feel stressed.

Hens are, in fact, remarkably intelligent. They are self aware, have the capacity to learn, and have a great sense of humour. They have strong individual characteristics and experience emotions – joy, loneliness, frustration, fear, and pain – just like dogs and cats. They even purr when they’re stroked.

There is a point to my telling you about the chickens I’m seeing today – I want to remind myself and you that humans were created to be in relationship with one another, to converse face to face, because it’s through communication that we can be truly vulnerable to one another. Make sure you have a proper conversation with someone this week, by phone if not face to face. A good conversation helps us to understand the stories in which we find ourselves.

bok, bok, bok

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