What’s I’m seeing today is life and hope

When the coronavirus led to lockdown, I thought that a moment would come when we would all un-locked again. I imagined an Easter celebration in church, weddings and christening parties and a return to all the best bits of my life before lockdown. I talked about taking out of my life the things that weight me down – administration especially – and making more space for prayer, reading and walks on a summer afternoon.Above all I hoped.

I have not ceased to hope. Some things will definitely change as lockdown is eased. But as we begin to open church buildings I know that there will be empty seats where people belonged, and now there is a person-shaped hole. That may be because they have died, or because they are rightly anxious about becoming infected with a virus that could kill them due to their age and underlying health conditions.

But although my grand Easter plans post lockdown will end in a damp squib, the God of Easter, the God of homecomings, parties, restoration and above all resurrection is still above all, in all and through all. ‘Give thanks to the Lord our God, for the Lord is good, has steadfast love endures for ever’ (Jeremiah 33:11).

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