What I’m seeing is a dance

Goodness, I’m tired. The constant negotiation of how we meet one another and at what sort of distance is hard work. I used to know the rules of engagement, what sort of contact it is appropriate for getting people and departing. The coronavirus has changed all the rules. Last week I shook someone’s hand by mistake; this week I forgot to put my mask on in a shop. In both cases I felt like a fool.

I want to make other people feel comfortable around me, but often it is impossible for us to articulate what we want, and we only know what makes us uncomfortable when we are already in that place and it’s hard to extricate ourselves. Goodness, I’m tired.

I know people who are avoiding going out because they hate wearing masks. It steams up glasses, pulls off hearing aids and makes reading facial expressions and lip reading hard. But we need to meet with others despite the issues the virus has created. We are people created to be in relationship with God and with one another. Most of us are learning to put up with the inconvenience despite the difficulties. It may be a dance, to which I have not yet learnt the steps, and I may feel like a toddler who is often falling over my own feet – but it’s better to dance than to sit on the side-lines.

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