What I’m seeing today is mud

Mud, I hear you asking? Mud? It hasn’t rained for days. Dana, why are you seeing mud? Well… I have a sweet cocker spaniel called Maisie, who is usually the best dog in the world (along with Ben, our other cocker). She is quite clever, well mannered and fairly obedient. But she has an unerring ability to find mud on our walks.

When Maisie finds mud, or indeed any form of water/earth/noxious smelling liquid, she makes the most of it, ploughing in and covering as much of herself as she can in gloop. It’s a wonderful but necessary thing that every walk I take ends at Blockley Brook, where she can wash herself in the clean water.

As humans, we have a similar and unerring ability to find noxious smelling sin, wading through it and making the most of it, before realising that it is offensive to others and to God. And to our own souls too.

But God gave us a word which is present in every language (I think?) and in every culture. It washes the mud of sin from us. The word is ‘sorry’. It doesn’t always make everything better straight away, but it usually begins to mitigate the harm done by messing up. It doesn’t cost anything to say, except a bit of pride, and it gets easier the more often it is used. Thank God for ‘sorry’.

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