What I’m seeing today are bees

Today is National Bee Day. A wonderfully timed delivery saw the arrival of my new organic bee suit, so I am all ready to look after the swarm we hope to get for our new hive in the churchyard at Bourton on the Hill.

We have been nurturing the Open Garden area of the graveyard, and have also been planting bee-friendly flowers and aromatic herbs to tempt the bees to stay, once they have been introduced to the new hive. It’s good to keep a distance from them if you haven’t got a bee suit, although they don’t sting unless they are scared or provoked.

Yesterday a swarm visited our front yard. They are not honey bees but masonry bees, although any swarm of bees is not something we need to be afraid of in this country. The bees have simply run out of room in their old home, and are looking for new quarters. They are more interested in setting up somewhere new than in stinging humans or pets.

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