Does he really matter?

Ok – so now Christmas is nearly over (as far as the secular calendar is concerned), I don’t feel like a Grinch publishing something which has been winding me up…

How come, at Christmas, we go all sentimental about readings from non-gender-inclusive versions of the bible? How come the Word came for men?

Now some of you will be asking me if and why it matters anyway. Mostly, I guess, it doesn’t matter much. But once in a while I remember my past, and the abuse I have suffered at the hands of men, and then I know it does matter.

God came as a child, who would grow into an adult, and would do amazing things, and say wonderful things, and bring about a kingdom inclusive of men and women, straight and gay, old and young, black and white, disabled and slightly more abled, all colours, all nations, all of us welcomed into the kingdom.

When our words belie our message, but confirm our story, we are not reflecting Jesus to the world. We say ‘men’ when we (the church) mean everyone, but we (the church) used to mean men. No wonder so many people feel that the church has nothing to say to them and to the world they live in.  ‘He’ matters.

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  1. I agree entirely, Dana. Some carols (as have many hymns in year-round or seasonal use) have been updated in modern hymn books, but every time i go to carol services, I seem to end up being asked sing about men (and usually either shut up or change the words) or sing bits of theological nonsense, (which again have been removed from some books) about Christian children all must be mild obedient, good as Jesus. It has a lot to do with ‘tradition’ and little to do with worship – it’s what we do at Christmas. I get wound up every time I see the bible quoted in newspapers – it’s always KJV, as if they think that we are locked in a time warp by being Christians! ironic, what! Every blessing and lots of love!

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