Toxic Busy-ness

This ‘giving up busyness for Lent’ stuff is much harder than it looks. Sitting for 5 minutes each day (as much as I feel I can manage) has proved an unexpectedly difficult struggle. Not that I have too much to do – though it often feels like it. But becasue my mind simply hates to be free of an agenda, a task, a course of action.

So I have sat every day this week and wrestled with the impulse to pick up a book/sudoku/computer game, ‘just’ finish this task or that job, quickly make a call/text/list. Five minutes of wriggling and picking at my fingers and being distracted. Next week I’m going to try for nearly ten minutes – just think how much procrastination I will achieve 🙂

My other resolution – to read more – has been easier to achieve. Rohr, Mantle, McLaren and Thompson (Alligators in the Swamp!) have been inwardly digested in last couple of weeks. I feel better for feeding my soul and mind with a healthier diet than sudoku and candy crush. Now if I could translate that to a diet that didn’t include crisps and biscuits, I’d feel even better… But one diet at a time is enough.

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  1. Oh, excellent resolution! I’m not sure I could manage even that – I have trouble reading my Bible without getting distracted.

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