Dragging my Feet

Why so quiet, Dana Delap? No blog since December? Shame on you! Well, it isn’t only post-Christmas recovery that has caused me to embrace inertia. It is also fear.

I’m going to Africa for the first time, and I’m scared. I’m scared of the poverty that I will see there; I’m scared of the history of colonialism and of slavery which will be all around me; most of all, I’m scared about how being there will affect me and challenge the comfortable world I live in. I wonder what will have to change because of what I see and hear and feel.

And I’m scared of bugs that crawl under skin and lay eggs, snakes, mosquitoes … And how to behave, and not upsetting anyone, and so on, and on… Pray for me, and I promise to blog all about it when I come back. “Do not be afraid, little flock…”

5 Replies to “Dragging my Feet”

  1. Look for happiness and you will find it; look for liberty and you’ll find it; look for riches and you will find them. Look for the bugs, and you’ll find them before they find you :o)

  2. Dana, I’ve been to Kenya four times in the last four years, a whole month last year. Make sure you have antimalarial tablets – but otherwise the mosses are no worse than UK! I come back each time with s real sense of spiritual refreshment – as I say each time i go, we may have the physical riches, but you have the spiritual riches. Yes, you’ll be challenged – but don’t be afraid – you’ll be strengthened too. Bless you! Mungu akubariki (Not that you’ve said where you are going!)

  3. A very honest post Dana. Collecting all the fear factors together in one list does make them seem daunting. Thankfully you will not meet all of them, and those you do will not be encountered all at once. Will be thinking of you…

  4. Remember that you will love, and be loved by, the many people you meet. Love covers many sins and drives out fear. May you all find rich blessings in a rich land.

  5. The welcome you receive and the smiling faces will dissipate your fears, but you will return humbled ………….

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