Unbelievably – statistics!

What do you do when you get bored?  I day dream, or fiddle with something.  If I’ve got a pen, I doodle.  One of the best meeting I ever went to happened over 3 days in Belfast, and the American animator provided clever magnet plastic shape things, which stuck together in fantastical and absurd patterns.  I concentrate better and work harder if I’ve got something to fiddle with!  Having only just passed my maths O level, I’ve never been drawn to a mathematical doodle, but Adrian does.

While he is listening to the sermon (yes, even mine!) Adrian creates statistics about our church.  Apparently, a few weeks ago, 18% of the congregation in the nave were men, average age 48, and 82% were women, average age 62.  In the sanctuary 41% of the leadership (including choir) were men, averaging 61, and 59% women, average age 69.  Therefore, apparently, the average age of the congregation was 63.  Not sure what all that means, except I was in Junior Church.  I guess I could have radically altered the statistical shape of the church, if I had been there!

Heaven fore-fend that I should suggest that church is ever boring, especially when I have a vested interest in the splendour of Church of England liturgy.  But I am allowing myself to acknowledge that there can be meeting-boredom, even when I am chairing.  So I have a very useful tool in my dairy that I bring out at ‘those’ moments.  It gets me through…


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