Invisible children, Invisible truth?

My teenage son sent me the link for the Kony 2012 campaign this week. For those of you without teenagers, this is a Youtube video of 30 mins highlighting the evil perpetrated by Joseph Kony, leader of the LRA. This video, and the accompanying material produced by ‘Invisible Children’, is top trending on Twitter and went viral this week with millions of viewings.

It is an impressive piece of communication – slick, moving, tells the story, explains what has been done so far, what still needs to be done etc. The so-called youth who have watched it have caught a vision of the change that can be effected by civil protest. Their voice is becoming highly influential in the US becasue it commands such a large following.

But other people are very nervous – the US military advisers now dispatched to help capture Kony for the International Court are working with the Ugandan army, itself implicated in war crimes. By helping, are the US implicated in these human rights abuses, while trying to prevent others?

Of course, there isn’t a right answer. And I am no expert. But it seems to me that doing something is better than doing nothing. And the greater good is served when we work alongside people and demonstrate appropriate military resistance to abuses of power.

Better to try and change the world for better than to do nothing.

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