What would you have done?
As a disciple, a follower and friend of Jesus,
what would you have done?

After Good Friday, after the crucifixion,
after the Roman authorities and the leaders of the church
were so nervous of rebellion and insurrection
that they put a guard on the tomb,
just in case superstitions in which they could not believed
somehow proved to be true.
What would you have done?

Would you have gone into hiding?
Would you have gathered with friends,
tortured with guilt for abandoning Jesus,
for leaving him to his fate,
for allowing others to carry his cross
and wipe away his tears,
for standing powerless and voiceless
at the foot of the cross?
Would you have protested on the streets
in a fever of indignation and anger,
and risked being arrested
and tortured and killed?
What would you have done?

Would you have crept to the tomb
in the half-light of dawn,
because you just could not keep away?
Would you have come with friends
or come alone?
Would you have brought myrrh
to anoint Jesus’ body,
or come empty handed?
And would you have wonder on the way
how to get past the guard,
the stone, and the stink of death?

What would you have done,
when you arrived at the tomb,
your sandals damp from the morning dew,
and stood by the stone,
and looked into the darkness of the empty cave?
And smelt the clean, fresh air of new born day,
and seen an empty night in the shadows of the grave.
And seen the linens lying where they fell,
and hoped, hoped for something unbelievable.
What would you have done?

What would you have done,
when you found the tomb was empty?
The women fled in terror.
For a while they could tell no-one.
What would you have done?

Nobody saw the resurrection happen,
Jesus’ moment of breaking out of his tomb.
And yet we believe,
because each friend tells their story
of breaking into the light of shared resurrection.

Peter and Paul call us
to set aside our fear,
amazement, guilt, confusion,
to step into the transforming power of belief.
Maybe not into certainty,
but certainly into faith.

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