Is it OK to be nice?

We are about to finish West Wing Season 3 (again, having watched West Wing through umpteen times), in which Simon, aka Gibbs, aka the actor Mark Harmon, dies.  I shall probably cry; I usually do.  Mostly because he is so very nice.  It seems that in real life, Harmon is a bit of a hero too.  According to Wiki, Harmon rescued two teenagers from a burning truck outside his house.

Can an actor ‘act’ being nice?  I guess so, though I suspect Harmon is generally not acting.  I like watching him because he seems to be a genuinely pleasant person who like and respects others and himself.  My daughter feels pressure at school because she thinks that there is an expectation on her to be nice.  I’m proud of her for establishing that reputation among her peers and teachers.  And when I’m wearing my dog collar there is an expectation that I’m nice, which I try to live up to.  Is that a bad thing?

I guess it could be, but I see it as vital to doing my job well.  We generally like people who act with integrity – people who like and respect others and themselves.  Nice is a potent mixture of charm, graciousness, integrity, and a love of people.  Jesus had it in bucket loads, and that is really something to emulate.  So let’s hear it for ‘nice’!


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  1. I know just how Brigid feels…and I’m now 42!

    Absolutely, it’s worth emulating… it breaks down so many barriers. But, gosh it can be hard work when I deal with so many loopy people. The patients are lovely though…!

    Hope you are all keeping well…and enjoying yourself!
    Andrew x

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