My Half-Penny Worth

A lot of people are thinking through and working out that they think about the second part of the bishops amendment to the legislation on women bishops. The plethora of blogs have been helpful and illuminating, but most of all they show a growing groundswell of unease about voting for legislation which will bind the C of E into untenable and distasteful gender discrimination for the foreseeable future.

The question boils down to a) vote for the legislation and change the system from the inside, or b) vote against and see who can create the best propaganda about why. If the vote is passed in its current form, there has to be a possibility that parliament will throw it out anyway. In either case, the church looks ridiculous.

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  1. Hi Dana,
    I very rarely comment on blog posts and the like and while I entirely agree that the situation we now seem to be in, would indeed appear to be untenable and distasteful, I am very uncomfortable with phrases like “the church looks ridiculous.” Easy to label the church as “those out there,” when of course it is us, you and I, who Christ gave His all for.
    Just saying!
    Love Russ

  2. Of course I disagree. This is about power not theology (we agreed that in the 1970s). And I do believe the institution of the church (rather than God’s bride) looks ridiculous in the eyes of the world. Have you read the press coverage of this?

  3. We have not had much success in changing it from the inside, the amendments if approved will ensure that dialogue and engagement with the issues will never happen, we are caught in a dilemma, do we cut the baby up or give it away? the sad thing is that I really did believe we had moved on and that working through the code of practice might be a start to mending the situation. For newer female priests who have not built up a resistance to the insults take heart… gets no better!

  4. I’m sorry Russ but I am a communicant in the C of E and long to work with the Church on many aspects of equality not just that of women bishops.
    However a church that cannot comply with disability law and supply visually impaired people with readable literature shows a total lack of understanding as to where the wider world is at on issues of equality. I can’t find a hymn book, an order of service, a parish newsletter that I can read. If you think that this does not come from the same place of ignorance as those who would not be open to women bishops you are sadly mistaken. In a world where all our organisations are under ethical scrutiny the church is in danger of being seen as a joke in areas of sexuality, disability and gender equality. It is a scandal that frankly embarrasses me.

  5. It is about time our lords and masters in the house of bishops remembered they are there to serve. Send this back and tell them to pass
    It without ammendment.
    Or campaign for the government to remove the opt out from discrimination legislation. How can we love someone if we discriminate against them.

    In Love

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