Reflections on Incompetence

I’m home alone – my training incumbent is on sabbatical. One of the things I’m trying to do is to write down a summary of my weeks so that he knows what I’ve been up to! And I’ve decided to do it by blog. Hope you don’t mind!

This week has been an emotional one. There has been a confusion over church booking in March (hours of phone calls and a certain amount of blood and sweat!), a very sad funeral for a family friend (tears), and the news that I need hearing aids. I’m amazed at how many people have made jokes about my hearing loss. I’m know I have in the past; justice falls upon me for my previous insensitivity.

According to my Myers Briggs guru, ENTJs don’t like to appear incompetent. Tell me about it. My failing hearing, when added to a couple of asthma attacks and a tummy bug this week make me feel very incompetent (yes, some of you will rightly argue that this is not incompetence, but it sure feels like it when I have to say “What?” again).

Tomorrow starts a new week, one in which I define myself as someone with hearing problems. May God give me the grace to be vulnerable.

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  1. Definitely not incompetence, Dana, but a recognition of vulnerability and limitation. Fortunately God can and does use us in spite and because of our weaknesses and frailties.

  2. I’m quite deaf – don’t be embarrassed about saying ‘I didn’t hear that’ and don’t be afraid to switch off and relax if you really can’t hear. I reckon you can get through life very happily not hearing about 30% of what’s said. But when you need to hear, tell people and make them speak in a way you can hear!

  3. You certainly didn’t come across as incompetent at the funeral.Sensitively and lovingly done.Much harder to do when you are emotionally involved too.Well done Id say x

  4. Hiya. Did you know that I was very deaf as a child and still spend quite a lots of time lipreading even today. I think this blog is excellent and I doubt very much at all that your incompetent any area where you put your mind to it. Perhaps doing too much. What doing too much with something that’s not your ‘train set’ but you so wish it was.

    I’m so looking forward to having some quality time with you over one or two or maybe more glasses of wine, Hot chocolate flavoured coffee ………… and perhaps cake!

    Love you. Wendy

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