Quality Street

Just before Christmas, the kind and thoughtful manager of the local Sainsbury’s gave me a tin of sweets to share as I thought appropriate 🙂 This week I found them, and faced a dilemma. With whom do I share these sweets? It was not a painful decision, but one that caused me to think about who I wanted to bless with Quality Street.

I could have given the sweets to the Initial Ministerial Education curates who had to attend a conference I was running on Saturday as part of their training. A Saturday! In a coldish cathedral! On a derby match day! Sweeties would have been a bit of a sweetener.

Or I could have given them to the social committee for the Saturday night raffle at the quiz. It attracts lots of people from the local area, many of whom don’t come to church. And it’s important that they are welcomed and looked after, and the evening is special. Sweeties always help that!

But in the end I gave them out after church on Sunday. I love my fellow curates, but they are paid employees of the church and training is part of the package. And I am excited about the quiz, but the Social Committee is more than capable of making the evening go well, without my sweeties.

But church on Sundays is full of volunteers – welcomers, and missioners, and cleaners, and those who are prayer warriors, and enquirers, and those who offer hospitality, and children, and adults, and the ill and the hurting, and every week, faithfully they come to worship God and serve one another.  They are wonderful, God’s amazing family, and they got the sweeties, becasue of their generous, loving, care.  Thank you all.