Chosen by lot

St Matthias, whose feast day we celebrated yesterday, was not chosen for his abilities. He was not chosen because he was the right ‘fit’ for the team or because of his preaching. He was not chosen because of his ability to relate to children or youth or the elderly. He was not chosen because he had an excellent academic background or particular skills for the role (Acts 1:15-26).

Matthias was chosen by lot, because he knew from his own personal experience that Jesus was alive, and that God had raised Jesus from death. He had been a follower of Jesus from the beginning, and was steeped in the language and ethos of the kingdom. It was for his ‘being’ and not for his ‘doing’ that Matthias was chosen.

A good and important lesson for me as I prepare to move on to a new ministry in a new place. Knowing Jesus though personal experience is the most important thing for my ministry. God will give the gifts needed to make that relationship know in the right place, and in the right way.

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