What I’m seeing today is blossom

Blossom – a sign of spring, a sign of hope. The brilliance of the cherry against the blue sky reminds me that spring follows winter, and summer comes on its heels. New life, resurrection of that that a month ago looked dead. There is nothing I can do to speed its arrival. In that lack of control, there is sometimes comfort.

But I am also aware of how vulnerable the blossom is. A cold wind or a sudden frost and the cherry flowers will turn brown or fall. That too is out of my control. I am vulnerable as well, subject to fear, anger and worry. These emotions I accept, knowing that they will pass, in time and with prayer.

We are an Easter people, a community of relationships held across eternity and through time, linked by faith, love, forgiveness and hope. We are an Easter people who await resurrection. Even in winter, even in Lent, we are an Easter people.

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