What I’m seeing today is an octopus

I was thinking this morning about Easter, and reflecting on how much has changed since Christmas. Back in December we didn’t know about CV-19 and it would have been inconceivable to imagine people stock piling toilet rolls.

At the Christmas carol service at Bourton on the Hill, our youngest church member brought one of her soft toys, an octopus who I seem to remember was called Ollie. Ollie joined the shepherds in the crib to worship the new-born Christ-child. It’s a bit odd to see a cephalopod worshipping baby Jesus, but one of the things I have learnt as a vicar is to expect the unexpected.

God comes to us as a baby, as a breath of wind, in the face of a stranger., in the beauty of love. God comes to us, even when we don’t expect it, especially when we don’t expect it. Jesus walks out of the dark mouth of a hungry tomb; Jesus breaks free of death in the most extraordinary, unexpected way. Easter is coming!

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