What I’m seeing today is Russell Spring

The village communities of which I am part are pulling together for the common good. They are offering deliveries of shopping and medicine as well as keeping an eye out for vulnerable neighbours and friends. People who didn’t know their neighbours a week ago are suddenly either serving or being served.

The Russell Spring in Blockley is testament that altruism is not unique to this time, but runs back through history. Lucy Russell, a local farmer, brought 5 springs together in a free-flowing stream which never stops, no matter how dry the summer. The water is clean and fresh, abundant and plentiful, and free to anyone who needs it.

And on the edge of the shelf above the spring is a Blockley Rock, painted by one of our children for other children to find, treasure and maybe re-hide. Altruism doesn’t have to be utilitarian: it can be an act of joy for its own sake. Love in action.

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