What I am seeing today is soap

The first Christmas after I married Adrian my new father-in-law gave me a present. He always bought his wife and daughter Roger and Gallet soap, and for me he chose Rose. I’ve always found soap to be a bit problematic. It dries out my skin causing it to crack or itch. But this soap was a revelation to me – I can use it (in small amounts) without any problem. In fact, since he died, I have continued to treat myself to a box ofRoger and Gallet Rose soap every Christmas in James’ memory.

Today soap has become a life-saver. Covid 19 doesn’t just dislike soap – it is exterminated  by it. Soap is made of molecules; one end  of each molecule attracts water and the other end attracts fats and proteins. The attraction of the fat-loving end to the molecule surrounds the fat around the virus. Then the virus is pulled apart by the water loving end which is repelled by the fat. Amazing science and the extraordinary ability of nature to heal itself.

But it takes time for the soap to pull apart the virus – 20 seconds of Amazing Grace, the Lord’s Prayer or God save the Queen should do it. No matter what sort of soap we use, be it ever so posh or very simple, when we wash our hands we are enabling a nano-battle which will ultimately save the human race from Covid 19.

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