What I’m seeing today is Miriam

Today’s Morning Prayer bible reading comes from Exodus and tells the story of Moses’ sister, a prophet called Miriam. I can see this print of Miriam dancing by Sieger Koger from my desk. Its vibrant colours imagine the desert journey that follows the parting of the Red/Reed Sea. Miriam is dancing with joy and relief – after months, maybe even years, of asking for their freedom, the People of God have crossed out of Egypt and into a journey towards the promised land.

For all the joy, we know the background. The Egyptian army, horses and riders, have been drowned; the wilderness years will be long and hard; entry into the promised land results in genocide; and to this day, the territory which became Israel is a place of destruction and war. This picture is complex. But today I’m seeing the Miriam who is happy, dancing with her friends in thankful celebration. Today I’m trying to leave the complexities aside and simply find some goodness for which I too will chose to be thankful.

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