What I’m seeing today is Africa

There is scarcely a country in the world that is no locked down because of Covid 19. In the richest countries in the world we have a measure of space and it is usually possible to create isolation. Where people live in slums and shanties there is no hope of social distancing let alone robust self isolation. Africa has so far been relatively free of coronavirus, but that will change as soon as people can move around again.

The closure of businesses has had terrible repercussions for Tamale Diocese in the north of Ghana where I have many friends among the clergy. Working as they do on minimum wages, life is always a struggle for the priests there. But with the churches closed, no income is coming in, and there is no way for the diocese to pay the clergy a living wage. Thankfully, some money is arriving from friends across the world. I am reminded of how lucky I am living where I do when I look at this picture from my travels in Ghana.

Ordinations in Northern Region, Ghana in January 2019

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