What I’m seeing today is kindness

What happens when we have time on our hands, and the energy to be creative? For one person in my parishes, it has been the heartfelt desire to make a difference to people who have been bereaved.

Grieving is really hard in lockdown – no hugs or hands to touch and hold. No sitting in silent solidarity or sharing a memory of the story of a photo with wider family. No laughter to temper the weight of loss.

Someone has asked they can to make a cushion with the shirt of a loved one who has died, for those who are grieving and would like one. It smells of their loved one. It is better to have this than no hug. And it is a kindness that brings a smile on dark days.

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  1. It’s really not normal times at all, but loved ones can at least reach out through various mediums such as Facebook.
    Permit me to wish Lucy our love and prayers.

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