What I’m seeing today is deprivation

Sometimes things just aren’t fair. The coronavirus isn’t fair. For those who have caught it and are struggling, it isn’t fair. For those who are in the most vulnerable group it isn’t fair. And the regional disparity of viral infection and death is vey, very unfair. If you live in the north of England, you are much more likely to get the virus, and then experience a more severe form of the illness, and also more likely to die. That is seriously unfair.

The north east has had more covid 19 related deaths than London, per 100, 000 people, and northern cities make up 9 of the top 10 places for infection. The north east and north west are first and third in the table of confirmed coronavirus cases in England. Low income, unemployment, poor health and lack of educational aspiration have all contributed over the last 50 years to the deprivation which is the cause of this horrific disparity.

Until I was 5 years old I moved around a lot, but from then until I was 48 I lived in the north of England, first in north Lancashire and then in Durham. I love the north, and assumed I would live there all my life. God called me away, but I know I will be returning. The deprivational load in the north means that the virus has caused much much more harm. Might the statistics on this be enough to make politicians sit up and make a difference?

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